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Dr. Baessler is a board certified orthopaedic surgeon specializing in the treatment of a wide range of conditions affecting the shoulder and elbow and sports injuries. Click on the below tabs to learn more about his services.

  • Shoulder Shoulder

    The shoulder is the most flexible joint in the body that enables a wide range of movements including forward flexion, abduction, adduction, external rotation, internal rotation, and 360-degree circumduction.

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  • Elbow Elbow

    The elbow is a complex joint formed by the articulation of three bones – the humerus, radius, and ulna. The elbow joint helps in bending or straightening of the arm to 180 degrees and lifting or moving objects.

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  • General Orthopedics General Orthopedics

    Our musculoskeletal system is a complex system comprising of bone, cartilage, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and skin. General orthopedics is the field of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of injuries

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  • Sports Medicine Sports Medicine

    Sports Medicine, also known as sports and exercise medicine (SEM), is a branch of medicine that deals with the treatment and prevention of sports and exercise-related injuries and improving fitness and performance.

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If you wish to be advised on the most appropriate treatment, please call to schedule an appointment or click to request an appointment online.